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Robert McKain

Driving was not second nature to me. Working in Glasgow meant that I didn´t need a car so I held off having lessons until I was 30 but I still expected to jump in a car and drive perfectly straight away. Through Steven´s guidance and excellent teaching I was able to pick up the rules of the road quickly, however, whenever I made a mistake I fell out with myself which seriously held back my progression. Steven was very patient and calm and helped me understand that learning from your mistakes make you a better driver. Steven showed that he is an excellent driving instructor. He not only teaches you how to drive but his additional study and CPT have allowed him to develop techniques for overcoming confidence issues or in my case frustration at not being perfect straight away. I got on so well with Steven that I booked my Pass Plus lessons straight after I passed my test. Thanks Steven!

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Mick Cannon is a Driving Instructor and came to us for his 1st ever Standards Check: I recently contacted Steven about a forthcoming Check Test I was due to attend. As this new test was only intr ...
Mick Cannon

Thanks to M8 I passed my test second time around. Mr Steven Porter got me out of serious bad habits and taught me to drive safely and during lessons made me feel confident. I failed my first test but ...
Allen Macree

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