Marina Shumitskiy
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Marina Shumitskiy

1st time passer
My husband recommended Paul to me when I was looking for a driving instructor. I should have contacted Paul straight away, but like many others, I had made up my mind on a cheaper driving school. After taking thirty lessons I felt that I was not progressing and I would never pass the test. The whole experience was awful. The instructor would raise his voice at my silliest mistake and I thought I wasn´t worth a thing. I ended up hating driving and losing confidence. My husband suggested trying a couple of lessons from Paul to see the difference. During the very first lesson with Paul I realised that my previous thirty lessons were a complete spare. Paul was amazing! he is such a calm and composed person. He had so much patience for me! Paul is a real professional. He could always explain any problematic situation and was always eager to answer any of my questions. Moreover, Paul really cared for my progress. I enjoyed every lesson with him. Soon my confidence returned and I passed the test first time. It may sound ridiculous, but I even enjoyed the driving test. Thank you very much, Paul! I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a driving instructor in paisley area.

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A huge big thank you to steven for his time and patience for helping to get my license , I never ever thought I would be driving in just over 6 months and now this has opened up a new wide world to my ...
Laura Rose Busby

"I´d just like to say a big ´thank you´ to you for all your help and assistance in my successful attempt at becoming an ADI. I was impressed from very early on in my training with yo ...
George Holland

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