Ashley Agnew (22) - 8 Minors
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Ashley Agnew (22) - 8 Minors

1st time passer
When my dad booked my first lesson i was so scared but when i got into the car with Stevie he made me feel so at ease because of his friendly manner that he has with his pupils. With ever lesson i had my confidence grew in the car however i still had my moments when the famous sayings "a cannae do it" or " will you please help me" came up.

Stevie is a fantastic instructor who develops friendships with his pupils as well as just being there to teach them how to drive. I would recommend Stevie to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive...

THANK YOU SO MUCH..!!!!!!! Ashley xx

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance
Steven always made driving easy and fun. He was really good at building confidence and helping me learn in the ways i felt comfortable. Lessons were always really casual, there was no real stress when ...
Robyn Galloway (17) - 5 minor faults

Just passed my driving test first time thanks to Steven. He had a lot of patience and faith in me. I got myself stressed out at times but Steven was always saying ´ YOU CAN DO IT´ and gave ...
Nicola Lawrie

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