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Allen Macree

Thanks to M8 I passed my test second time around. Mr Steven Porter got me out of serious bad habits and taught me to drive safely and during lessons made me feel confident. I failed my first test but that was my own stupid fault. Second time around Steven talked me through how to handle my nerves and gave me alot of confidence to pass. Top quality instructor and well worth the effort. I can say best driving school by far in the land. So many thanks to M8 and Steven. My advice looking for an instructor, look no further than M8, Top class!

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance
Mick Cannon is a Driving Instructor and came to us for his 1st ever Standards Check: I recently contacted Steven about a forthcoming Check Test I was due to attend. As this new test was only intr ...
Mick Cannon

Although I started lessons with Steve having had no driving experience beforehand. Thanks to his patient teaching approach and techniques I quickly gained confidence in my ability to drive. This meant ...
Lorcan Martin

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