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Alison McInally

It took me a while to get a handle on my driving a lot of it was confidence and accepting Steven and Paul new more than me lol joke. Everyone learns differently and it takes some people like me longer than others. But Steven and Paul were patient and kind and also when I needed it gave me a kick up the u no what when I needed it lol, mostly about my confidence lol. If it wasn´t for u guys I wouldn´t be driving today. I only passed 2 weeks ago but it´s completely changed my life. I work in Livingston I´m 2 and a bit hours away by public transport yesterday I drove to work and it took me 1 hour. With traffic it will be about 1 hour 15 but it saves me 2 hours every day. I just want to thank u both.

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance
Hi steven I can´t thank you enough for what you have done for me over the last few months with my driving. You are one of the best out there and I would highly recommend you to anybody out there ...
Michael Finlay

The training was very informative and well worth the time.
Gti Direct Dunoon

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